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Senin, 12 Mei 2014

The growing concerns of the well-being of the mother earth have turn some people into green activist who continuously and tirelessly doing various campaign all over the world to make people and the rest of the world realize that it is extremely important to take care the mother earth for our future generation. The growing concern about the high CO2 emission and dangerous chemical substance that can harm the earth make more and more people realize that it is best to keep the earth healthy, especially these days various natural disasters all over the world have come more frequently than before. People started to realize that there's something wrong with the earth.

    That is why the number of people who follow the path of the green activist have been increasing quite rapidly in the last few years. The number of various celebrity also campaigning to have a green lifestyle, a lifestyle that is friendly to the earth. This kind of lifestyle have becoming more popular these days after number of celebrities “endorse” the lifestyle to the public eyes. From bringing and using own paper bag, avoiding plastic bag, using hybrid car with low emission level, and starting to use various products that are recycled from other substance.

    Many people start to follow the green lifestyle, from using hybrid car to using recycled products. Especially for the last thing (recycled product) is becoming more and more popular these days. Some people already start to use some products that are made from recycled plastic to show their support of the green lifestyle. One of the popular example is polywood adirondack chairs. Polywood adirondack chairs are not just another outdoor ordinary chairs that you see around your surroundings. It is because polywood adirondack chairs are made from recycled plastic bottles and have resin composition.